Founded in 2008, "developing careers" has been our string theme. We maintain a consortium of experienced Lectures/Tutors who provide the right blend of expertise needed to successfully meet the training and consultancy services required by any individual or organization. Our team has qualified, experienced and talented professionals, who possess reliable knowledge and skills in organizational and programme management including administration, gained from reputable institutions.

The team also has enough exposure, expertise and networks. EACCDS College is a dynamic, well respected and externally recognized high quality provider of consultancy, education and skill development opportunities.

This strategic plan for Vision, which builds on our position as concentrating on Achieving Excellence in Learning, Facilities and Leadership. EACCDS College will be a "Resilient Organization” over this planning period to ensure its own institutional sustainability and to create the platform to pursue its aspiration goals associated with Achieving Excellence. EACCDS, above all, will continue to provide for an inclusive learning society in our area where the local population has an opportunity to learn and develop skills to improve their life throughout their lifetime. .


To become a world-class institution for research and generation of knowledge in Africa and beyond. We envisage a situation where the college, apart from collaboration with other institutions of higher learning and other organizations, will be transformed from a tertiary institution into a university.

Our Purpose, Values

  1. Offer training program's of international reputation that provides graduates with a wide range of options flexible enough to delocalize employment opportunities.
  2. Provide flexible learning mode through correspondence/Distance learning by offering students with a well researched materials
  3. Provide training programmes targeting school leavers and personnel in the private and public sector.
  4. Offer quality tuition at reasonable cost.
  5. Offer training programmes that are appropriate to the needs of a company.
  6. Provide consultancy services in various fields of academic and professional training.

Our Philosophy

We believe in offering easily accessible higher education to ambitious students with academic potentiality irrespective of the part of the world in which they are. This is a way forward for students to acquire knowledge that prepares them to face the global challenges of today's political economical, social and cultural setting that continuously shape our local, national and International environment

Mission Statement

To provide high qualified education of international standard and recognition by creating an environment that stimulates and challenges students to fully explore their intellectual and human potential, by equipping them with skills and attitudes to assist them apply the knowledge acquired in meeting challenges posed by globalization.

EACCDS is a comprehensive institution of higher education dedicated to the promotion of teaching and learning within a strong based curriculum, Organized into thematic learning communities, EACCDS provides academic excellence through its interdisciplinary curriculum, international education, intercultural understanding and experiential learning opportunities. These four pillars have become central themes in EACCDS excellence in the teaching and learning continuum.

EACCDS provides students with individual academic attention and social support within a caring, sensitive and intellectually vigorous community. The College provides service and leadership opportunities for students and faculty through a combination of internships, field placements, community service, and cooperative education. These opportunities allow students, faculty and staff to encounter the world beyond the college.

EACCDS is committed to maintaining strength and opportunity through diversity of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and economic background among faculty, staff, and students.

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Our Address

4TH Floor, Matigari Hardware Building Outering Road (Off Thika Super Highway) 500Metres from G.S.U. HQs Next to Naivas Supermarket

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